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Educators and Students


All our instructors teaching the Educa Program have extensive experience in student training. They cover diverse fields such as educational psychology, protocol education, communication and marketing.

Some of them are:

Bachelor of Laws (LLB) and holding a Diploma in Protocol and Institutional Relations, she specialized in Personal Image and Social Skills applied to adolescent and pre-university education. She has written and published many articles and collaborated in weekly programs about protocol on radio and TV.

She was Teacher Collaborator in the Escuela de protocolo de Madrid and the Universidad San Jorge de Zaragoza. She has worked in the Protocol Service Department of the Presidency of the Regional Government of Aragón and currently coordinates the EDUCA Program.

Bachelor in Philosophy and Arts by the Universidad de Valladolid and Córdoba. Masters Degree in Education Administration, Honorary Professor in St. George International School at Worth School (UK), Educational Advisor at Lydalls Nursery in Oxford (U.K.) and at Förskolan Urd, in Falköping (Sweden)

School Headmaster for over 13 years, he currently combines the management of a family center for family relationships, school performance and young people's behaviour, with teaching in the Instituto Internacional de Educación y Protocolo Regular lecturer on subjects related with infants, children and adolescents' learning and behaviour; he has published many books, the last one is: Todos los niños pueden ser Einstein

Telecommunication Engineering by the Universidad Politécnica of Madrid.

Executive Management Program by the University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA).

PhD in Engineering by Brown University of Rhode Island.

He worked as Marketing Vice President at Hughes Microwave Communications Products.

He has published many articles on engineering, marketing and the business world.

He currently combines his work as President of CableAML, a company present in over 30 countries, with the international launch of the EDUCA Program.

Bachelor (BA) in Business Administration and Management.

Diploma in International Studies and Business Management.

Diploma in Protocol and Institutional Relations.

She is specialized in child and adolescent protocol training, teaching the EDUCA Program.

She currently combines her instruction and research work in the EDUCA Program with her work as consultant for protocol and organization of events in C&P Comunicación y Protocolo.

Our students

This is our company's theory: a child, an adolescent, or any person who is aware of behaviour rules will be a happy person. We believe that protocol is a humanistic science based on dignifying a person.

Happiness springs from a state of mind, and that's why we consider happiness as something positive. Someone who knows the rules of social behaviour will be a self-confident person. This self-confidence will lead a person to behave correctly in face of any situation, feeling, therefore, freer and happier.

Our students' feedback regarding our education is very important for us and it is a method of ongoing improvement for our company. That's why we love it when they give us their personal opinion or express it in the quality survey we hand out at the end of each course.

Alumnos Programa Educa

Some opinions

The teachers of EDUCA Program went to my son Pablo's school and the Parent's Association took the opportunity to organize a talk related with education. I was lucky to be able to attend and I loved it! Things as simple as setting the table correctly for special occasions, or adopting the appropriate dress code, being pleasant and smiling. Aside from teaching us a lot of things, they reminded us of how little it takes to be happy and that the more good things we learn, the happier we'll be.
Marisa, Pablo's mother. Student EDUCA infant Program 2009.
My parents enrolled me in the EDUCA Program in summer and I thought it would be boring. Now I've learnt how to behave at the table, I go to birthday parties with my friends and know what I have to take. In May, my cousin will be having her First Communion and I already know what I can wear!
Jaime, student of the EDUCA Junior Program 2008.
I attended one of the workshops of the EDUCA Program because my friends were going to attend. To be honest, I thought it was very interesting and I've had the chance of putting practically everything I learned into practice. From how to dress for a job interview, to what presents to give at a wedding, or how to eat some complicated foods at a more formal dinner….it's a course I wish everyone could do! Thanks to all the team!
Luis, student of the EDUCA Pre-university Program. 2007
In summer, before going abroad, my parents enrolled me in the Express workshop of the XXXXX Program. The truth is, I felt rather lazy about it after having been studying all year, but it was great fun! It was useful to learn about the customs of the country I was travelling to and to practise the "When in Rome, do as the Romans" stuff, which I didn't believe in before. The teachers gave us practical classes on how to set the table, and teaching us how to sit. They refreshed my memory, reminding me of what to do in complicated situations. They're very nice! Thanks a lot!
Ángela, student of the Program