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Today many people believe that adolescents are losing respect for parents and teachers. Analysing the contents they get at home, in school and society, we have detected a lack of guidelines regarding good behaviour; knowing how to behave will help them to develop as persons, respecting others, controlling any situation, ultimately, having less problems and being happier.

Shortage of time is not a problem. These workshops are "small doses of learning" in visual mode that will help young people of today to learn to behave while having fun.

Education must be acquired all through life through different channels; that is why these workshops bring the learning of "true education: GOOD EDUCATION" closer in a practical and participative way.

Workshops and courses

• Workshop on the relation between good education and hapiness
• Workshop on learning to live in the grown-up world
• Workshop on table manners
• Workshop on personal image and social education
• Workshop on social skills to behave adequately on each ocassion